Fed 2, Fed 3 cameras; Jupiter, Industar lenses – which to keep, which to sell?

I’m looking for some suggestions on reducing my small collection of the Russian (very) poor man’s Leica, the Fed rangefinder. I have 3 Fed 2s and 2 Fed 3s, with a few associated lenses. List with serial nos etc below.

Fed 2 and Fed 3 camera with Fed, Industar and Jupiter lenses

My small collection of Feds and Russian lenses; some have to go. Apologies for rough and ready pic and cut-out – not much time

I’ve promised one to a new-found photo blogging friend who likes ‘the Russians’, the rest will go on the Bay (I know they’re not worth a lot, the 35mm Jupiters being probably those to fetch most money).

I prefer the Fed 2 to the Fed 3 because of the longer base rangefinder. So I’m inclined to keep one Fed 2 and one Fed 3 (the one in its original box just because I like the box). As for the lenses, I’ll certainly keep one of the Jupiter 12s, the Jupiter 8 (because I use it on my Voigtlanders) and probably one of the collapsible Leica copies. But maybe I should keep only one of the cameras. Any suggestions and why would be welcomed (assume they are all in perfect working order – not true but easily remedied; just rangefinder adjustment and maybe a bit of paper shimming for collimation).

Know your equipment for a bargain

An interesting story on the value of knowing the equipment. I saw my Voigtlander Bessa-T on Ebay some years ago, listed as ‘not working, spares only’ and fitted with the Jupiter 12. I knew that this lens (a Zeiss copy) should not be put on the Bessa as the rear element will touch the shutter blades – just. For a starting price of less than £20 I thought I’d take a chance that either shutter or lens, perhaps both, was undamaged and that the lens was just preventing the shutter from firing. No one else bid so I got the combination for well under £20. Lens removed, both were in perfect working order. I now have a Voigtlander 35mm for the Bessa and have used the Jupiter on the Feds. Perfect!

Cameras, front to back

Fed 2 no. 763724.  Fed 50mm f/3.5 collapsible no. 246836

Fed 2 no. 120005.  Industar 50mm f/3.5 collapsible no. 5924285

Fed 2 no. 306168. Fed 52mm f/2.8 no. 2009281

Fed 3 no. 3206434. Fed 52mm f/2.8 no. 1951126

Fed 3 (with original box) no. 4324062. Fed 52mm f/2.8 no. 20477160

(the lenses on the cameras now are not necessarily those originally supplied)

Separate lenses (left to right)

Jupiter 12 35mm f/3.5 no. 8310949

Industar 50mm f/3.5 collapsible no. 110221

Jupiter 8 50mm f/2 no. 7642208

Jupiter 12 35mm f/2.8 no. 8405772