Happy birthday Mamaia – Canon 5D

Classic camera? Some might say the Canon 5D is that. Nevertheless it is very unusual for me to post a picture here not taken on film except for pix of my classic film equipment.

But this is just to say a belated ‘Happy Birthday’ to Mamaia, my grandmother (or rather my grandmother in law) who was 90 years old yesterday. She’s a remarkable lady, still looking after her chickens and working her land in the village of Popricani. She’d be worth a ‘grumpytyke’ post in herself – maybe he’ll do it soon.

Photo of Zavastita Andrei with kitten and banana in her home in Popricani, Iasi, Romania, taken in August 2012

‘Grandmother’ Zavastita Andrei, at her home in Popricani, Iasi, Romania. This photo was taken during a visit to her in 2012

The photo was taken on a Canon 5D, sold some months ago.

Sorry for the long absence from this blog. I’ve been incredibly busy, basically creating a completely new website for the charity for which I work (WordPress of course but ‘.org’ not ‘.com’) and, over the past few days creating a blog for the village in which I live (this went ‘live’ on 8/9 August). (If you want to know more there’s more on grumpytyke’s blog). I’m now on annual leave so hopefully will develop a few films in the next day or two and get back to posting as normal – pix on film – on this blog; I’ll be attempting to go back a couple of weeks on my reader too to see what I’ve missed.

If you want to have a quick look at my new village blog, it’s at: