Hidden places: Bradford 5. Contax AX, Vivitar 19mm

This is not so much a Bradford hidden place as a ‘hidden view’. On this superwide (Vivitar 19mm f/3.8) view at screen resolution the detail in the city centre is perhaps not very recognisable, but all the iconic buildings are there.

Bradford city centre, photo with Vivitar 19mm on Contax AX

The iconic city centre buildings can just about be identified at screen resolution in this superwide shot

A little deduction, not just from the picture, and a Bradfordian should be able to tell me the well known place from where the picture was taken. I like this view as, framed in green, it implies the city centre has beauty, as the Victorian creators intended. In the centre you must narrow your view to individual buildings to see that beauty among the dismal dump local politicians have created over the past half century.

The Bradford ‘hidden place 4’

Hidden Bradford 4

was, as no3, in the Undercliffe cemetry. I haven’t yet had time to find more about it.

Sorry for the extended absence. Busy time of the year. I hope to show some more shots with the ‘Vivitar 19mm’ lens, but branded with its real maker’s name, Cosina, and designated 20mm, on an Olympus soon.

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