Baby Belle – Olympus OM4 and Contax AX

I’ve taken a lot of family ‘snapshots’ over the years but photographs of people have never figured much in the more serious side of my photography hobby. Recently, mainly as a result of following blogs where people pictures figure quite a bit, I’ve become interested in adding this genre to my output. Unfortunately my ‘house’ model, though she’s become a keen photographer (digital) over the past few years, doesn’t like to be in front of the camera.

She has, however, a particular ability to engage very rapidly with children and takes some super pictures of youngsters so a neighbour asked her to take some photos of her 9 month old grand daughter – Belle. I asked if I could go along and take some shots on film.

I don’t have a short ‘portrait’ telephoto so I took the OM4 with the 50mm, f/1.8 Zuiko, and the Contax AX with the 50mm, f/1.4 Planar but also a Yashica 2x doubler. I know the Zeiss multipliers have a high reputation but they’ve always been a bit pricey for me, hence the Yashica. My impression is that it doesn’t do the Planar any favours. The Contax was loaded with Fuji Superia 200; the OM4 with Agfa Vista 200 (at £1 a pop from the Pound Shop) – not really Agfa at all but a bargain at £1 for a 24 exposure cassette.