Monochrome portraits on film – Pentax

Portraits are not something I’ve done before although I’ve done a lot of family and friends snap-shots over the years. I’ve recently developed a yen to do some, probably from seeing them on other blogs. I’m particularly drawn to black and white – on film, of course.

The pictures above are not mine. Recently I made a blog for the village in which I live and created a photos section. Looking for villagers who might contribute I remembered Karl, who had laid my floor tiles, mentioning that he took pictures on film so had a look at his Flickr stream. There were some of the kind of portraits I’d like to take. Not formal, studio shots but informal with available light.

Karl tells me the above were taken with a camera I’ve never used, a Pentax ME Super, on Ilford FP4 or HP5.

You can see more of his work – mostly colour on digital – at:

Now I just have to find myself some willing models, both male and female of all ages, so I can experiment with one of the Olympus OMs and the Tamron 90mm f2.5 Adaptall which I acquired specially for this purpose.

Mind you, this is more than just a portrait lens, having a very impressive macro capability.  I’ll be doing a post about it when I’ve had a bit more experience with it.