Cute in Whitby – Olympus OM4, Cosina 20mm, Agfa Vista 200

This little guy, barely an inch long, was found on the paved path at the top of the steps to Whitby Abbey on Monday 2 September, desperately trying to scale the side wall to a safer place.

Mouse or shrew? Enjoying a bite of fresh green leaf near Whitby Abbey

Found at the top of the steps to Whitby Abbey, this little fellow stopped for a meal after a helping hand

I picked him up and placed him on the grass; he didn’t scuttle away but stopped for a snack from a bright green leaf nearby.

Although I had the ideal Tamron 90mm macro lens with me I was worried of losing the shot so used the Cosina 20mm attached to the Olympus OM4 at the time. He didn’t seem perturbed at all with this lens, much bigger than him, only 0.2m from his face.  On the dirt cheap Agfa Vista 200 C-41 film from the Pound Shop, processed by ProAm in Bradford.

Glad to be back after too long an absence – work and all that. Have to go back about three weeks in the reader to see what I’ve missed.