A beautiful baby brings a smile to a dull day – Kodak Baby Brownie

Since New Year’s Day, when the weather wasn’t so bad, the weather has been terrible – dark, dull, drizzly and a whole lot more Ds. No matter how hard I looked I haven’t… Continue reading

Happy New Year to all ‘photo bloggers’ and especially to …

Since ‘launching’ this blog on the last day of October 2012, to indulge grumpytyke‘s interest in photography, especially film photography and classic cameras, I’ve had so much pleasure, inspiration and motivation from so many… Continue reading

Dabbling again in ‘street photography’ – Olympus XA3, Kodak Tmax400

I said in my previous post that I’d been having another go at ‘street photography’ and I chose the simple point-and-shoot Olympus XA3. Then I’d only shot half the film, mostly during Christmas… Continue reading

A masterclass in photo technique

A Christmas present I received from my wife was a delightful surprise: a DVD of the film ‘The King’s Speech’. But the ‘bonus’ section was a long interview with director Tom Hooper which,… Continue reading

Back from the kitchen – promise

Now that my Christmas cooking marathon is over I’m intending to get back to a regular post here – concentrating on classic cameras and film. But here’s a picture from grumpytyke’s final Christmas Dinner… Continue reading

A very merry Christmas to you all

To all my followers, and anyone else who might drop by, wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas if you celebrate this Christian festival, and wishing you a wonderful time whatever festive… Continue reading

Doorways and entrances

Not a lot of time for photography in the run-up to Christmas, and a day-long session yesterday delving into the depths of advanced Microsoft Access relational databases (with a wonderful lady trainer) meant… Continue reading

A message for WordPress – if it ain’t broke don’t fix it

I’m taking the unusual step of making a post from a comment I’ve just left on another blog, in response to a post saying that WordPress seem to be making things more difficult… Continue reading

Waking up a rare Exa

I discovered my Rheinmetall Exa was a bit rare only a couple of weeks ago when someone put one on Ebay. It is quite rare, but not valuable. I can’t complain; the ‘kit’… Continue reading

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