Another Bradford (Shipley) memory comes down – Minox 35GT and Acros 100

Out testing my Minox 35GT I came across this sad site (or sight) – the remains of the former Glen Royal cinema in Shipley (now part of the Bradford metropolis) where I spent… Continue reading

Olympus OM10 in Bradford – look up

I’ve commented before that, sadly, my home city of Bradford is now a dump. But look up and there’s still a lot of interesting Victoriana to see and plenty of photo opportunities. On… Continue reading

Travelling light in Dusseldorf – 4: Olympus OM & Vivitar Ultra Wide. Birthdays

I’m in love, again. Previous posts beginning ‘Travelling light …’ have been about using pocketable compacts, and the Vivitar is, of course, just that. But the pictures in this post are mainly from… Continue reading

Back to Olympus OM system – wonderful!

Apologies for the long absence – more sorry that I have not had time to read posts from those I follow than I haven’t had the time to post myself (so my ‘posts… Continue reading

WordPress themes – random header will show all my classic cameras, eventually

The change of theme for this, my photo blog, seems to be going well. Something I really like is the grid at the side showing pix (with links) to some other bloggers’ posts… Continue reading

Change of theme

24 March. Well I’ve done it. I finally picked up courage to push the ‘Activate’ button so here is the new theme. There’s still some work to do – it needs a new… Continue reading

Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim – surprisingly capable for a very cheap plastic creation

When I published my first post on the Vivitar Ultra Wide and Slim a few days ago, using internal shots in Dusseldorf, I said I might post the shots I made in Bradford… Continue reading

Travelling light in Dusseldorf – 3: Vivitar ultra wide and slim

On my previous trip to Dusseldorf “travelling light” I took an Olympus XA4, with 28mm lens. On my shorter trip for the weekend a week ago I travelled even lighter; the Vivitar ‘Ultra… Continue reading

Digital for a quick post, but a ‘classic’ lens is still better – unless you’ve got a lot of money

At last we’ve had some beautiful weather, ideal for photography and walking, but unfortunately it’s also ideal for doing some long-overdue work on Lofty the camper van so almost no opportunity for photography.… Continue reading

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