Cute in Whitby – Olympus OM4, Cosina 20mm, Agfa Vista 200

This little guy, barely an inch long, was found on the paved path at the top of the steps to Whitby Abbey on Monday 2 September, desperately trying to scale the side wall… Continue reading

Monochrome portraits on film – Pentax

Portraits are not something I’ve done before although I’ve done a lot of family and friends snap-shots over the years. I’ve recently developed a yen to do some, probably from seeing them on… Continue reading

Sculpture. Cosina CX-2, Tri-X

Menston village, Wharfedale, Yorkshire Cosina CX-2, Kodak Tri-X at 400ASA, D-76

Photographing people taking photographs. Cosina CX-2. Tri-X

A couple of weeks ago Marie of ‘shimmering grains’ published some pictures of people taking photographs in New York. She said it wasn’t an intentional theme but, as I commented on her post,… Continue reading

Happy birthday Mamaia – Canon 5D

Classic camera? Some might say the Canon 5D is that. Nevertheless it is very unusual for me to post a picture here not taken on film except for pix of my classic film… Continue reading

Fed 2, Fed 3 cameras; Jupiter, Industar lenses – which to keep, which to sell?

I’m looking for some suggestions on reducing my small collection of the Russian (very) poor man’s Leica, the Fed rangefinder. I have 3 Fed 2s and 2 Fed 3s, with a few associated… Continue reading

Hidden places: Bradford 5. Contax AX, Vivitar 19mm

This is not so much a Bradford hidden place as a ‘hidden view’. On this superwide (Vivitar 19mm f/3.8) view at screen resolution the detail in the city centre is perhaps not very… Continue reading

Baby Belle – Olympus OM4 and Contax AX

I’ve taken a lot of family ‘snapshots’ over the years but photographs of people have never figured much in the more serious side of my photography hobby. Recently, mainly as a result of… Continue reading

Darkroom coming? – maybe, with a giant Durst D659 in the wardrobe!

I’ve commented before on this blog that although I really like the blogging, and digitising my images is necessary for that, I’d really like to get back to making ‘wet prints’ but had… Continue reading

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