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Monochrome portraits on film – Pentax

Portraits are not something I’ve done before although I’ve done a lot of family and friends snap-shots over the years. I’ve recently developed a yen to do some, probably from seeing them on… Continue reading

Sculpture. Cosina CX-2, Tri-X

Menston village, Wharfedale, Yorkshire Cosina CX-2, Kodak Tri-X at 400ASA, D-76

Photographing people taking photographs. Cosina CX-2. Tri-X

A couple of weeks ago Marie of ‘shimmering grains’ published some pictures of people taking photographs in New York. She said it wasn’t an intentional theme but, as I commented on her post,… Continue reading

Fed 2, Fed 3 cameras; Jupiter, Industar lenses – which to keep, which to sell?

I’m looking for some suggestions on reducing my small collection of the Russian (very) poor man’s Leica, the Fed rangefinder. I have 3 Fed 2s and 2 Fed 3s, with a few associated… Continue reading

Hidden places: Bradford 5. Contax AX, Vivitar 19mm

This is not so much a Bradford hidden place as a ‘hidden view’. On this superwide (Vivitar 19mm f/3.8) view at screen resolution the detail in the city centre is perhaps not very… Continue reading

Baby Belle – Olympus OM4 and Contax AX

I’ve taken a lot of family ‘snapshots’ over the years but photographs of people have never figured much in the more serious side of my photography hobby. Recently, mainly as a result of… Continue reading

Darkroom coming? – maybe, with a giant Durst D659 in the wardrobe!

I’ve commented before on this blog that although I really like the blogging, and digitising my images is necessary for that, I’d really like to get back to making ‘wet prints’ but had… Continue reading

Hidden Places: Bradford 4 – Contax AX, Vivitar 19mm f/3.8, Fuji Superia 200

This one is much more obviously ‘in view’ than the previous two, but you have to be in the right place to see it. I don’t know what function it has, if any,… Continue reading

To ‘like’ or not to ‘like’; what is the question? … … Will WordPress answer it?

Am I alone in thinking that it is time for us to be able, with a simple click, to do more than ‘like’ a post? Do I like the words, or just the… Continue reading

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