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Travelling light in Dusseldorf – 2: with Olympus XA4

The Olympus XA4, the rarest of the Olympus XAs (it was made for only about a year, in 1985 I think), is in many ways an ideal ‘travelling light’ film camera, though it… Continue reading

Travelling light in Dusseldorf – 1: with Lomo’s Granddad

It can cost little to pop over to Dusseldorf for a long weekend from my home thanks to, providing you take only hand baggage, accept any seat and don’t take any other… Continue reading

35mm DigitaLIZA – special but not so special (as the 120)

On Sunday I had the opportunity to see my 13 year old nephew play football, against my local village (Menston) team, so abandoned the rangefinders and went to an SLR – my Contax… Continue reading

DigitaLIZA – a great solution to problems scanning 6x9cm film shots

The DigitaLIZAs arrived this week but, impatient as I was to try them, I couldn’t be at home until today. So far I have tried only the 120 mask but I have a… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry

Trials and tribulations continue as I endeavour to get back into film. However, today it is not medium format, but good old 35mm I’ve chosen to frustrate me. There have been some suggestions… Continue reading

The Canon 5D’s gone, but another Mamiya’s arrived!

It’s gone; I sold my 5D on Ebay (where else?) last weekend, together with the Canon 28-135mm IS zoom. So now, apart from a Lumix GF1, kept for my work editing charity newsletters,… Continue reading

First hurdle to medium format photography overcome – just!

Getting there at last, perhaps. I’ve just developed my second film (a 120 Ilford HP5 Plus) for at least two decades and, though far from good, it does have some useable pictures. It’s… Continue reading

Struggles to get back into film photography with classic cameras

Struggling to get back into film photography, mainly with ‘classic’ rangefinders (or point and shoots), I decided an additional blog specific to this interest might be an advantage. I’ll be trying to get… Continue reading

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