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The amazing Contax AX and ‘forbidden’ photography

I mentioned in a previous post that when I could find some pictures I had been forbidden to take I’d do a post on ‘forbidden photography’, but having been able to finish the… Continue reading

Our clock and local ghosts – Mamiya Universal, 75mm Sekor

At last a day with some light; being Sunday, I wasn’t out very early – bacon and eggs are obligatory – but by late morning I was out with the Mamiya Universal and… Continue reading

A beautiful baby brings a smile to a dull day – Kodak Baby Brownie

Since New Year’s Day, when the weather wasn’t so bad, the weather has been terrible – dark, dull, drizzly and a whole lot more Ds. No matter how hard I looked I haven’t… Continue reading

Happy New Year to all ‘photo bloggers’ and especially to …

Since ‘launching’ this blog on the last day of October 2012, to indulge¬†grumpytyke‘s interest in photography, especially film photography and classic cameras, I’ve had so much pleasure, inspiration and motivation from so many… Continue reading

Dabbling again in ‘street photography’ – Olympus XA3, Kodak Tmax400

I said in my previous post that I’d been having another go at ‘street photography’ and I chose the simple point-and-shoot Olympus XA3. Then I’d only shot half the film, mostly during Christmas… Continue reading

Waking up a rare Exa

I discovered my Rheinmetall Exa was a bit rare only a couple of weeks ago when someone put one on Ebay. It is quite rare, but not valuable. I can’t complain; the ‘kit’… Continue reading

Old photos which link with my photographic past

Posting my ‘photo bio’, from which I eventually worked out how to make an ‘About me’ menu heading (‘heading’ is a misnomer – it’s at the bottom!), I wrote that maybe I could… Continue reading

Why I modified the header – menus should be where you expect them!

Now I can, perhaps, get back to some photography, give more attention to the blogs I follow and even create some posts of my own! My previous post was not intended to be… Continue reading

About me, my summary photo bio

I decided to add an ‘About’ item to this, my photo blog, so wrote the following. However, for the life of me I can’t remember how I created the menu headings on grumpytyke… Continue reading

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