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Travelling light in Dusseldorf – 4: Olympus OM & Vivitar Ultra Wide. Birthdays

I’m in love, again. Previous posts beginning ‘Travelling light …’ have been about using pocketable compacts, and the Vivitar is, of course, just that. But the pictures in this post are mainly from… Continue reading

Back to Olympus OM system – wonderful!

Apologies for the long absence – more sorry that I have not had time to read posts from those I follow than I haven’t had the time to post myself (so my ‘posts… Continue reading

WordPress themes – random header will show all my classic cameras, eventually

The change of theme for this, my photo blog, seems to be going well. Something I really like is the grid at the side showing pix (with links) to some other bloggers’ posts… Continue reading

Travelling light in Dusseldorf – 3: Vivitar ultra wide and slim

On my previous trip to Dusseldorf “travelling light” I took an Olympus XA4, with 28mm lens. On my shorter trip for the weekend a week ago I travelled even lighter; the Vivitar ‘Ultra… Continue reading

Digital for a quick post, but a ‘classic’ lens is still better – unless you’ve got a lot of money

At last we’ve had some beautiful weather, ideal for photography and walking, but unfortunately it’s also ideal for doing some long-overdue work on Lofty the camper van so almost no opportunity for photography.… Continue reading

No.3 ‘Out and about with an old film and even older camera’ – disaster!

A short time ago I featured my Kodak Baby Brownie – an unusual camera for me as I have it for its cute Art Deco design rather than as a useable classic. Nevertheless,… Continue reading

Out and about with an even older film and camera (Yashica FX-3); a stand development experiment

Sorting through my old photo stuff I found a roll of 35mm HP5 on which I’d written ‘7 expd’ and ’14 expd’. As the leader was still out of the cassette I thought… Continue reading

Out in the snow with an old film and an even older camera (Yashica 230-AF)

I’m not going to do a post about the camera just now, one of the earliest auto-focus cameras and a typical 1980s design, but sorting through my stuff I turned it up –… Continue reading

Lens, camera mount or rangefinder – which is the focus culprit (Voigtlander Bessa T and L)?

Although the famous Austrian/German Voigtlander name has been ‘a good name badge’ for the Japanese Cosina company since 1999, the latter has continued the tradition of innovative, affordable photographic equipment for which the… Continue reading

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