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Hidden Bradford 2 – Olympus OM4, Kodak C-41 black & white 400

This one is maybe just a little more difficult than the last one but again thousands of people pass within yards of it every day but few are aware that it is there.… Continue reading

Bradford – another view 2. By Vivitar Wide & Slim

This is the view just past the final house on the western end of the village in which I live. Ten minutes walk from my home, it is in Bradford, six miles from… Continue reading

Trees for Marie – Olympus OM, Vivitar Wide & Slim

I seem to have been taking a lot of pix of trees lately, and it made me think of Marie (tree and film photography lovers will know who I mean). I thought these… Continue reading

Hidden Bradford – Olympus OM4

Bradford has many hidden beauties, passed by thousands of people every day but rarely seen (and sometimes has very sunny days, as on this day, Tuesday 4 June). Here’s a stone and brick… Continue reading

Bradford – another view. By Vivitar Wide & Slim

The village in the valley on the left of the picture, the village in which I live, is in Bradford – just. Six miles from the desolation of the city centre, it is… Continue reading

Grand old Englishman, broken old Frenchman, resistant old German – RIP; alive – Olympus OM

Resting together alongside the Rhine in a very old part of Dusseldorf, Kaiserswerth: Rolls Royce, Citroen and the travelling kings’ castle (7 May 2013). Right alongside the Englishman is a Frenchman showing his… Continue reading

A Scottish English history in street signs – Olympus OM20, Kodak Tri-X

Another Bradford (Shipley) memory comes down – Minox 35GT and Acros 100

Out testing my Minox 35GT I came across this sad site (or sight) – the remains of the former Glen Royal cinema in Shipley (now part of the Bradford metropolis) where I spent… Continue reading

Olympus OM10 in Bradford – look up

I’ve commented before that, sadly, my home city of Bradford is now a dump. But look up and there’s still a lot of interesting Victoriana to see and plenty of photo opportunities. On… Continue reading

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