Endeavouring to resurrect this site – with film

A photo of my Mamiya Universal, the Cosina CX-1 and the Olympus XA4

My Mamiya Universal, the Cosina CX-1 and the Olympus XA4

I stopped posting to this blog some time ago, the major reason being my health. A secondary reason was my old Minolta scanner gave up and I never liked using the Epson Perfection 4990 flatbed. As an attempt to get things going again some time ago I began to introduce some pictures from digital cameras but this was never the intention and it didn’t last long.

Now I will endeavour to start posting again limiting myself to film. It will be erratic. To begin I’ll be using the unexposed frames in several cameras; I’ve no idea what the exposed frames might be. The ‘normal’ b&w will be developed by myself (usually R09 or D76); colour neg and C41 b&w, and a small amount of slide film, developed by a lab. At the moment I intend to major on photos not the ‘classic’ cameras on which they were shot, which was part of the original idea, but as I have a small collection, ranging from the Vivitar Wide and Slim through most of the Olympus OMs, Contaxes (including the Contax AX) and several old folders to the Mamiya Press and Universal I may be tempted to say something now and then about the camera any photo was shot on.

At the moment I’m slipping an Olympus XA4 with colour neg in one pocket and a Cosina CX-1 with b&w in another. Whether I’ll be able to use the Mamiyas except at home remains to be seen but I’d like to try, particularly as I have quite a lot of 120/220 film. To make things easy the quick careless shot of these three cameras is a digital shot on the Sony RX100/III but hopefully this will be the last digital though I may post a quick digital shot of a camera used, as I usually did in the past.. I will be using some of the old folders for medium format, probably first the Zeiss Super Ikonta as I favour the 6×9 or 35mm format rather than square.

I hope to find that some of the film enthusiasts I used to follow are still posting though I know already some are not, and add a few new ones (including one or two who at the moment I follow from my general ‘grumpytyke‘ blog.