Doorways (Cee’s Travel Theme)

I had decided to limit myself to taking part in Cee’s Black & White Challenges, but having just received an email with her latest posting on her ‘Travel theme – doorways’, I decided to repost something I did in December over two years ago. I have not, so far, got around to doing the intended ‘Doorways and entrances’ project. Followers of Cee’s B&W challenge may recognise the first picture as one of my entries in the recent ‘wood’ challenge. Since the original post, I’ve come to really appreciate the gallery feature, especially when some bloggers insist on posting a long series of pictures, each in a separate post.

Doorways and entrances – 20 Dec 2012

Not a lot of time for photography in the run-up to Christmas, and a day-long session yesterday delving into the depths of advanced Microsoft Access relational databases (with a wonderful lady trainer) meant I could not bring myself even to turn on the computer last evening. And weather here is atrocious, so I’ve been thinking what I can post on this blog to keep the pot boiling. 

Recently I’ve had a fascination with doors and other entrances and exits and took a few quick ‘snaps’ with the idea of doing a ‘project’ in the future with this as a theme. I thought I was probably being a little odd but then I learned from another blog, which I cannot locate at the moment, that pictures of doors are very popular for book covers (the blogger shoots stock photos for book covers). Who’d have thought it?

So, now I’m convinced that it might make an interesting project. The shots grabbed to keep the idea in my head are not great photographically, but I’m posting them to, as I said, keep the pot boiling. I’ve posted a couple of these before, in another context. The colour is on Fuji Astia 100 in an Olympus XA4. The majority of the others are on Retro 400S in a Cosina CX-1. The iron gate leading to a pile of rubbish is a shot made in 2005 on XP2 from 1998 in my Rheinmetall Exa, developed in 2012. All but the Linnwelcome and the rubbishgate were taken on the same day, in and around Chester in November this year.

Another reason for posting these was to give me an opportunity to see if I can make the ‘new’ gallery feature work; it can’t be as difficult as Microsoft Access! But it’s not very intuitive. If there’s a gallery there, I succeeded (click on any pic to see a slideshow).