Wood (Cee’s black and white challenge); classic film cameras



my long fallen friend

hacked down from your majesty 

rest awhile with me

This picture was previously posted on my first ever blog (grumpytyke) as one of what I call my ‘picture haiku’, that is a picture and a haiku text conceived to work together to convey a specific idea. I didn’t then usually say anything about the camera, film, etc, but later created this blog specifically for my photographic interest. I think the pic above was taken on the Contax AX but cannot remember the film nor find the neg.

Excuse me for posting a couple more pix on this week’s ‘Cee’s B&W challenge’; trees and wood have a fascination for me and are one of my favourite subjects.


This was shot in Chester on Retro 400S film, developed in D76, with my Cosina CX-1 (33mm, f/3.5 lens) – Lomo’s great grandad – as part of a trial for a mini project ‘Doors, entrances and exits’, having found so many interesting examples in the city. I wasn’t really making the ‘wood’ the subject here.


This one was shot on Tri-X rated at ‘normal’ speed (400), developed in D-76, in the Cosina CX-2, my favourite ‘pocketable’ camera – very quick to use – rotate the lens cover to open, auto, zone focussing with 35mm f/2.8 lens; more on the CXs here. The view, to the north over the village of Menston, is of Wharfedale, one of the beautiful Yorkshire dales, where I am lucky enough to live.

I haven’t before much entered into ‘challenges’, not being very competitive, but for some reason Cee’s appealed to me. Unfortunately, having just got back into posting on this blog I have to go into hospital again on Friday for surgery so I’m not sure just when I’ll be able to post again. Hopefully not too long.