Beauty; and I found another photographer who writes something!

I’m not too bothered about whether my posts on this blog get a ‘like’ or persuade people to follow; what is exciting and rewarding for me is when the ‘liker’ has been so far unknown to me but turns out to be someone whose photography grabs me or who writes something interesting about some aspect of photography. As I mentioned in my previous post, many (most?) photography blogs just post pictures with very few, if any, words.

One of the reasons I look forward to one great photography blog, that of Stephen Curry, is that often the pictures are accompanied with wonderful words, albeit gathered from the works of others (though in the latest post I’ve looked at, on Cuba, the words are his own). Before getting on to a ‘newfound’ photographer who also writes, an aside:

Perhaps because I favour black and white photography, I am often not looking for beauty in the photography which I admire but rather something dramatic or thought-provoking (which may or may not be also beautiful). However, taking some pictures in our village community centre recently I was delighted to find something which, to me, was truly beautiful.

Molly Foster and Nic Cain, students at the dance classes run in Menstin village by Bradford Theatre Arts

Molly Foster and Nic Cain, students at the dance classes run in Menston village by Bradford Theatre Arts

The photograph has many technical faults (my excuse being that I was experimenting with a ‘legacy lens’ – 50mm f/1.4 Zeiss Planar – on digital (Olympus Pen PL-3). Focussing (manually) on a moving subject is turning out to be far more difficult than I thought it would be (though of course the dancers are not moving here). I think it is easier on a film camera (though I’ve no idea why). Because of this I was using a small aperture for more depth of field so the unfortunate background is pretty well in focus. For this reason I’ve over-sharpened the shot to isolate the couple a bit from the background.

I have long thought that ballet is one of the most beautiful art forms, an opinion formed years ago when I was lucky enough to see Margot Fonteyn dance on several occasions.

They may not be (yet) Fonteyn and Nureyev, but I find this shot truly beautiful. (If you want to see more or them, and other young local dancers, you’ll find more about them on my village blog and on grumpytyke (without the ‘pix’), including my attempts at video clips.

A photographer who also writes

As I said at the beginning of this post, I particularly like photo blogs where the photographer writes something. A favourite is, which is probably the one I’ve been following the longest. There are others.

However, I just discovered another who seems to be just about as grumpy as me! I felt a particular affinity when he explained why he was “getting bored of Flickr and feel that blogging will be much more rewarding”. I also learned about the the domains .photography and .photo from his blog. Have a look: