Photographing people taking photographs. Cosina CX-2. Tri-X

A couple of weeks ago Marie of ‘shimmering grains’ published some pictures of people taking photographs in New York. She said it wasn’t an intentional theme but, as I commented on her post, it seemed to me it would make a good one. With an hour to wait for a train in York, I decided to give it a trial run. I shot a 36 exposure Tri-X in Lomo’s daddy, a Cosina CX-2 (35mm lens).

One handed (baggage in the other), all the shots above were taken within less than an hour and it was a little weird to find the final shot on the platform from which my train departed. Now I’d like to repeat the project with a ‘longer’ lens, a 90mm on either an Olympus OM or the Voigtlander rangefinder to get better quality, hopefully without losing the spontaneity. The film was developed in D-76.