To ‘like’ or not to ‘like’; what is the question? … … Will WordPress answer it?

Am I alone in thinking that it is time for us to be able, with a simple click, to do more than ‘like’ a post? Do I like the words, or just the picture? Do I really like the post, or is it just that it impressed me? Do I like one picture in the post, more than one or all of them? (If presented as a gallery I think I can be selective, but galleries are still used by surprisingly few people.) Do I like the picture technically, or the subject?

Of course I can always ‘comment’ to make my reaction clear, but as the number of blogs I follow has increased I’ve less and less time to write a comment. I’d like a simpler way to do it. What is more, really great posts sometimes attract an enormous number of comments and, although many of them don’t say a lot, one more will hardly be noticed. Good examples of this are Steve McCurry’s blog and that of Lust & Rum, both of which always ‘blow my mind’ with something more than the photographic technical mastery. Another example: I’ve just ‘liked’ a post but I’m not too impressed with the pictures; I’ve ‘liked’ it because of the discussion of a photographic dilemma.

The widget dilemma

Since adding the ‘Recent posts I have liked’ widget to my blogs this has become an even bigger issue. This is a feature I really like because it makes a ‘comment’ rather more strongly than just adding to the like list on the post and hopefully takes some of my readers to a blog they might not normally see. However, I could easily ‘like’ 16 or more posts during one session of going through my reader (which I manage about every couple of days), which means a widget picture would have a life of only a couple of days. Before adding this widget I used to ‘like’ just about every post on Broken Light whether I really liked the photo or not, just to give hopefully some encouragement to the contributor, but to do it now could mean my right hand sidebar would be full of nothing but Broken Light posts.

I don’t have a solution. Can you suggest one?