Get your ‘hidden places’ pix on a new blog

This blog is, as the subtitle implies, about photography on film in classic cameras. But my interest in photography starts from the image so I follow some photographers (including some of my ‘favourites’) who use exclusively digital, though I’m considering following them from elsewhere in the future.

I’ve recently become interested in the idea that photographers see things many others miss because, constantly looking for images, they are more observant than most (particularly so now when a large proportion of the population seems to spend its whole life outside – and inside for all I know – looking only at a small digital screen directly in front of them).

So I thought I’d float the idea of a blog which just has reblogs of ‘hidden places’ photos from bloggers around the world and see whether it will run.

A black and white photograph, through a stone arch

Underneath the arches – somewhere in Bradford

Fascinating place. Where is it?

Fascinating place. Where is it?

I’ve created the blog – hiddenplacespix – and reblogged two of my ‘hidden places’ posts from here on it. Now I’m going to publish the new blog and see if it attracts any interest. Here’s what I’ve written for the ‘About’:

About this ‘Hidden Places’ blog

From time to time I publish a ‘hidden place’ on my photo blog – grumpytykepix – and ask people to try to answer ‘where is it?’. However, my hidden places are in my home city of Bradford so few people outside that city are likely to know; I guess they just look at them as photographs, which of course is also the intention.

I think photographers are by nature more observant than most and, always looking for a picture, notice things that others pass by without a glance.

My photo blog is about photography with film on classic cameras but there are many (more) digital photographers just as observant so I thought it might be a good idea to start a blog showing hidden places around the world with photographs from any equipment or medium. This is that blog.

I’ve chosen the WordPress theme Triton Lite, the one I use for grumpytykepix, because it allows the display of several posts on the home page.

My idea is to start by inviting followers of grumpytykepix to make a picture post of a ‘hidden place’ they know but rather than asking for the location to say where it is it within the post. I’ll start the ball rolling by reblogging my two ‘hidden places’ in Bradford, identifying them, then will reblog future ones when I reveal the place.

So, you are invited post a hidden place picture on your blog, with a few words saying where/what it is, and email letting me know you’ve joined in and the url of your post. I’ll then follow your blog from here and reblog any post you make titled ‘Hidden Places: … … …”. Personally I think it would be interesting to indicate what equipment was used to take the pic, but it’s not necessary.

If it doesn’t work then I guess people don’t want it and I’ll close it. This is one of the great things about WordPress – you can peddle an idea at no cost except for a little time and shut it down if it doesn’t work.