Trees for Marie – Olympus OM, Vivitar Wide & Slim

I seem to have been taking a lot of pix of trees lately, and it made me think of Marie (tree and film photography lovers will know who I mean). I thought these might help you overcome your aversion to computers (with which I sympathise!).

Hope to see you back soon; I miss the inspiration of your pictures.

Don’t be put off by my pix of dead and dying trees – that’s just a photographic thing. They are few and far between, and on the walk through these wonderful woods you are serenaded by hosts of birds of many kinds and can stop at almost every pace to try to identify the wild flowers.

The Washburn Valley is one of the relatively little-known – except to the locals – Yorkshire Dales but very beautiful. It was flooded in the late 19th Century to form three reservoirs, to supply water to the city of Leeds. The trees in the pictures are near to or on the shore of Swinsty reservoir, from which a short climb through the woods brings you to the Washburn Heritage Centre, based around the 17th Century church of Fewston and with a lovely cafe with home-made cakes, all manned by volunteers. The other two reservoirs created over a century ago are Fewston and Lindley Wood, the fourth – Thruscross – not being formed until the 1960s.

PS. The PanF was stand-developed in RO9.