Another Bradford (Shipley) memory comes down – Minox 35GT and Acros 100

Out testing my Minox 35GT I came across this sad site (or sight) – the remains of the former Glen Royal cinema in Shipley (now part of the Bradford metropolis) where I spent some evenings as a schoolboy, as a projectionist, having abandoned the more usual paper rounds and grocery deliveries for pocket money.

Demolition of Glen Royal Cinema, May 2013

The remains of the former Glen Royal cinema in Shipley, May 2013; 60 years ago I was a part-time projectionist here. Minox 35GT with Fuji Acros 100 film. The shading is not film or camera; it is out of focus wire fence which I could not get past

In the picture below I am outside the cinema, far left, 60 years ago. I am not completely certain this is outside the Glen Royal as I worked more often at another cinema a couple of hundred yards up the road, the Pavilion, known affectionately as the ‘Bug hutch’. Wherever it was, this scan is from a print probably made from a film shot in my 11+ exam reward, my first camera – a Kodak Brownie box, which I’ve referred to in past posts. These usherettes taught me a few things when I wasn’t in the projection box!

Scan of an old black and white photo of me as part-time projectionist, with the senior projectionist and four usherettes.

60 years ago, a part-time projectionist as a schoolboy (far left)

I had a Minox 35 many years ago and the most memorable thing about it was it produced superb colour slides – early morning or in the middle of the night, I never remember it producing a bad shot. And every picture had an extraordinary ‘pop’. I don’t remember ever using black and white film in it in the past. I acquired this one recently and it had a C-41 b&w film in it but I wasn’t impressed with the results, so this was part of a test with a known film. I’ll probably give it a go soon with one of my rare remaining Astias though in the past I usually shot Kodachrome in the Minox.

The Acros film was ‘stand’ developed in 100:1 RO9 for 90 minutes with a single inversion at 30 and 60 minutes. The Acros came out fine but a roll of Tri-X in the same tank (lazy!) didn’t come out so well. A post on this in the future.