WordPress themes – random header will show all my classic cameras, eventually

The change of theme for this, my photo blog, seems to be going well. Something I really like is the grid at the side showing pix (with links) to some other bloggers’ posts which I have liked recently.

One of the headers I've made so far. This shows my Mamiya Press/Universal cameras with a couple of the 6x9 film backs and the most 'interesting' lenses

One of the headers I’ve made so far. This shows my Mamiya Press/Universal cameras with a couple of the 6×9 film backs and the most ‘interesting’ lenses. This might be at the top of the page but it could be something different

So far I’ve made four different headers and these should appear randomly so eventually you’ll see all my cameras if you browse my site and follow my blog (of course in time I’ll be doing posts on all of them – if I live long enough!). I’m really pleased how this has gone – far better than trying to get the number of cameras I’ve amassed into a single picture.

The headers I’ve made to date show:

  • My Mamiya Press/Universals with some of the lenses. The monster 250mm, f/5 Sekor is the one I feature in my avatar self portrait
  • The four Olympus XAs – XA, XA2, XA3, XA4 (I’ve never bothered with the XA1 as it’s not very interesting but maybe I should get one just to complete the series)
  • The Voigtlanders – the Vitessa L (a wonder of German mechanical ingenuity at its best) and the viewfinder-less Bessas T and L, with my two Voigtlander lenses and their matching viewfinders (the other lens for them is a 50mm f/2 Jupiter)
  • The Lomo LC-A and its daddy (Cosina CX-2) and grand-daddy (Cosina CX-1).

Unfortunately I’ve got to go to work for the rest of this week so I won’t be able to make any more headers for a while. There are quite a few to go, so watch this space.