Change of theme

24 March. Well I’ve done it.

I finally picked up courage to push the ‘Activate’ button so here is the new theme. There’s still some work to do – it needs a new picture header as the old one is too deep for this theme (this was one of the things I didn’t like about the previous one). Since writing that I have made the new header picture showing, with my three Voigtlanders. I intend to make a few with different cameras, which will show randomly instead of cramming many more cameras in one picture. For some reason there are only two columns on the home page rather than the three (ie showing the three most recent posts) I expected; I’ll have to look into that. But overall I think this ‘Triton Lite’ theme is much better for the kind of blog I want to create – about classic cameras and film photography, including pictures made with these cameras of course, but not just photographs as I’ve just as much interest in writing about them as taking pictures with them. I hope you will be interested in the mechanics etc of these marvels too.

23 March. When I began this blog specifically for my interest in classic cameras and photography on film I was still pretty new to blogging. However, it was not long before I began to find the theme I had chosen – the obvious one of ‘Vintage Camera’ – has some disadvantages for the kind of blog I wanted. I have commented on some of them in the past and added some text about the menu and widgets in the header picture.

However, by this time I had made some other ‘custom’ changes and had a few followers so I was reluctant to experiment with other themes. The ‘preview’ function with other themes just didn’t seem to provide enough information and confidence that the whole thing would not go awry.

Today I decided to have another look and the theme ‘Triton Lite’ seemed to offer much of what I was after, but it did not seem to provide all the functions I wanted.

Then a coincidence – someone ‘liked’ my latest post and as usual I went to look at their blog. Surprise! The theme was ‘Triton Light’. I could see that it would, in fact, provide all the functions I wanted.

I still wanted to be sure that I could make the change without disrupting things too much so I set up another blog to see whether I could do everything I wanted without disturbing the flow. That’s gone well so I’ll be making the change.

So, when you see this it may still be on the ‘Vintage Camera’ theme, but if so it will soon change if all goes well.