Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim – surprisingly capable for a very cheap plastic creation

When I published my first post on the Vivitar Ultra Wide and Slim a few days ago, using internal shots in Dusseldorf, I said I might post the shots I made in Bradford using up the 24 exposures showing how it could perform with better light. So here they are.

They are all taken within a few yards of a superb photo shop – a window full of classic cameras on one side; on the other I can get a C41 film developed in less than 30 minutes (on the left in the 3rd shot). They were all taken in no more than 10 minutes and within half an hour I had collected the developed film and was on the way back home to scan them. I’ll bet that makes many of you envious 🙂 .

I’ve left the pix large so that they can be viewed in the carousel at full size to give a better idea of how well the Vivitar can do; there’s more info in the captions.

I won’t repeat the picture of the camera – it’s in the previous post. But it’s so small and light it can be slipped into a pocket to have a super wide back-up no matter what else you’re carrying.