Out in the snow with an old film and an even older camera (Yashica 230-AF)

I’m not going to do a post about the camera just now, one of the earliest auto-focus cameras and a typical 1980s design, but sorting through my stuff I turned it up – untouched for about 7 years – and found it had a film in it with just a couple of shots made. So I thought I’d use it for a short trip out in the snow. 

The film is Fuji Superia 200. I have a variety of zoom lenses for this camera but just took the 50mm prime and an extension tube.

The film has suffered a bit. The auto-focus is a bit slow and clunky by today’s standards but works well – all the shots are auto-focussed.

When I bought the camera it was ridiculously cheap, as were all the lenses except the prime, but there seems to have been a revival as the price of the lenses has increased a bit, especially the 60mm macro (which I don’t have) which is reputedly as good as the similar Zeiss.

An unusual feature – unique? – of the camera is the ‘trap focus’. I’ll try to do a wildlife shot or two using it when I do a post on the camera.

The pictures might not say much about me as a photographer though they do perhaps show you don’t need to go on a world trip to find some good things to shoot

I did take a shot of ‘our clock’ as a test before I set out, with the 75-300mm zoom. I’ll save this for a post on the camera but it does show how good this lens is at 300mm.