Dabbling again in ‘street photography’ – Olympus XA3, Kodak Tmax400

I said in my previous post that I’d been having another go at ‘street photography’ and I chose the simple point-and-shoot Olympus XA3. Then I’d only shot half the film, mostly during Christmas shopping. Yesterday I went into the city again (Leeds), shopping for Petronela’s birthday on Monday, and took the opportunity to finish the film. I’m sure that they cannot all be classed as ‘street photography’, not least because some obviously aren’t in the street, but they are all informal grabbed shots, not using the viewfinder and generally the subject being unaware (not the self-portrait, nor the the hawk-eyed boy!).

I’ve still got a way to go so I’d welcome any feedback from you more accomplished guys and gals out there; I was a little comforted that, having read on one of your blogs that you were happy to get one useable shot from a film, that I got one or two more than this (helped not a little by the fact that some of them are inanimate!). To see the captions hover over the picture; as a slide show, click any picture.

My own observations: still finding it difficult to estimate distance, even with the simple zone-focussing on the XA3. I also find it difficult to get the subject in the frame when shooting from the waist or similar (as the final picture demonstrates!).

Despite setting ASA800 for the very dull days outside or the interiors the shutter speed was still slow to hand hold; anyway I’m beginning to realise I’m having problems hand holding 35mm even at ‘normal’ speeds (age, I suppose).

I’m not sure about 400Tmax. Developed in Tmax developer for 6 min at the recommended 24degC. It’s the first time I’ve used this combination and was surprised to see on the Kodak sheet that there was no increase in development time for the 1 stop increase in set speed. Any thoughts on this? Scanned in the Minolta Dimage Scan Dual II with VueScan (I still haven’t cracked scanning 35mm on the Epson 4990 using the Digitaliza).