Back from the kitchen – promise

Now that my Christmas cooking marathon is over I’m intending to get back to a regular post here – concentrating on classic cameras and film. But here’s a picture from grumpytyke’s final Christmas Dinner posting. It was taken by my wife (on a Panasonic digital compact) while I wrestled with a blazing (very heavy!) pan in one hand and a bottle of Pernod in the other. At first I was a little disappointed but with more thought it seems to me it sums up the moment rather well – given the few glasses of whatever before it.

The 'Christmas spectacle' picture from grumpytyke's final cooking Christmas Dinner marathon post

The ‘Christmas spectacle’ picture from grumpytyke’s final cooking Christmas Dinner marathon post

I was surprised to learn that grumpytyke’s 24 Dec post was his 50th. Got some catching up to do here!