Struggles to get back into film photography with classic cameras

Struggling to get back into film photography, mainly with ‘classic’ rangefinders (or point and shoots), I decided an additional blog specific to this interest might be an advantage. I’ll be trying to get back into developing too though I haven’t done it for several decades; this will be mainly about black and white but I’ve an interest in trying some cross processing of slide film too since following some blogs with CPd pix. At the moment I’m not sure whether I’ll be able to get back into making photographic prints – for a start it’ll be scan and maybe printing on a bubble jet.

Mamiya, Voigtlander and Olympus 'classic' film cameras which will be, at least at the start, be the main subject of this blog

My Mamiya Press Standard (I also have a 23 Universal, some 6×9 and 6×7 backs and various lenses), a Zeiss Ikon folder (I have several), Olympus XA, XA2 and XA4, a Vitessa L with Ultron Lens, and a Bessa T with 35mm Color-Skopar and 90mm Apo Lanthar and associated viewfinders and a Russian 50mm Jupiter with the unique Kontur rangefinder.

This won’t stop me using some shots on my more general blog – – where appropriate though I’m more likely to use a digital for this (usually a Lumix GF1, an even more compact Contax SL300R T*, or even a Canon 5D, though I’m thinking of selling this).

I’ve got too many cameras; ignoring the SLRs and digitals, the main ones as far as this blog is concerned will be three Olympus XAs (XA, XA2 and XA4), the Voigtlander Bessa T with 35mm Color-Skopar and 90mm Apo Lanthar with their viewfinders (and a 50mm Jupiter with a Kontur viewfinder) , a Voigtlander Vitessa L with 50mm Ultron, a Lomo LC-A (currently not working and awaiting re-assembly if I can find the problem) and some Mamiya Press bodies with 6×9 and 6×7 backs and 150mm, 100mm, 90mm, 65mm and 50mm Sekors. There are a few more – like rather older 6×9 and 6×6 Zeiss Ikon/Nettar folders – which I might resurrect from time to time.

I don’t exclude the SLRs (all Contax or Yashica) though I’m trying to reduce the numbers by selling some (and finance a Leica M2 or M4?). They are the easiest way to use my several Zeiss optics – all Contax/Yashica fit.

I’m not sure when the next post on this blog might be – when I’ve managed to produce some ‘classic’ pix I suppose. It’ll probably be about the trials and tribulations of trying to get back into using rangefinders after at least 30 years of using only SLRs and a decade of digital.

PS. Added just before making this ‘public’. It’s a bit complex running two WordPress blogs; if you don’t log out of one before doing something on the other you get all sorts of ‘telling off’ messages! So if some weird things are happening as I try to comment/like etc on one while I’m logged onto the other please excuse the confusion. Also,   I’m intending to transfer the ‘follow’ from some of the blogs which I follow from ‘grumpytyke’ specifically for their photo stuff to here.